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: Unyte Hemp Launch 240 Acre Plantation At Their ‘National Cultivation Centre’


Leicester, June 21st, 2019 — Unyte Hemp Ltd. are part of the Unyte Group, specialising throughout every level of the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets in the UK and Europe.

An announcement today reported their first foray into growing Industrial Hemp on an industrial scale. Along with a detailed soil regeneration study, being conducted in collaboration with 2 leading universities.

Under the expert eyes of John and Roger Clarke, both bring generations of farming know-how to Unyte Hemp and are helping establish Unyte’s ‘National Cultivation Centre’.  

John commented “we have been looking to get involved in hemp for some time and we’re delighted to be chosen by Unyte Capital as their primary location to establish the groups decortation processing lines.

We feel we have much to offer and are here to help establish a ‘farmer to farmer’ approach whilst also ensuring what we cultivate is of a premium quality. We know the business and felt vitally important to gain respect from the industry. By establishing the trials this season, what we learn this year will benefit the group and its partners for years to come. We have big plans for 2020, with plans in place to take next year’s cultivation to 5000 acres, whilst searching for new ‘Hemp Hub locations for 2021’.”

Roger added “Hemp is an amazing break crop and by working with Unyte any farmer can maximise its use. Processing is just the start, plans are being finalised on various other end use operations such as insulation, activated carbon, packaging, wood pellets, biopolymers and construction materials.”

Onsite there is also 10MW (Mega Watt) Biomass facility producing renewable energy which will be used to heat and power the new buildings, shortly to commence construction. Whist a 10 acre wood waste and composting facility is also already operating on the farm, offering sustainable destruction of the controlled parts of the plant.

Unyte Hemp’s core objective is to process Industrial Hemp at the NCC on a commercial scale. In order to provide quality raw materials to the groups end use businesses and partners.

The launch video will eventually show the entire season but commences with the drilling of the seed, check back soon for further updates.

Unyte are positioning to take a market leading position in the UK and European Hemp and Cannabis industry.

The story continues to unfold throughout 2019. For more information visit or contact Jamie Bartley at