Hemp the Solution

Hemp The Solution

In the making – A Hemp Revolution


It is well known that the UK has a long-standing history of hemp cultivation, primarily for the Navy’s (ropes and sails) uses but also for the production of food, clothing, animal bedding, and medicines.

Hemp is a versatile and fast-growing plant that can be grown organically while also restoring the soil to its natural state.


We can solve many of the world’s problems with Hemp


We have a chance to solve many of the problems of our generation by using this plant, and it has the potential to revolutionize both farming and industry to support the development of our economy.

Despite the fact hemp growing has been a slow burner in the UK (since 1993), this has been because of a lack of knowledge on agronomic practices, access to processing equipment, apathy about research and development, as well as the lack of infrastructure for end uses.

It is the mission of Unyte Hemp to create cohesion between farmers, manufacturers, businesses and government to ensure that all aspects of the value chain of hemp are positioned in such a manner that exponential growth can be achieved in these markets.



A natural insulator, Hemp fibres have great structural rigidity, buffers moisture and regulates thermal performance.



High protein, Hemp seed contains 21 amino acids, the perfect ratio of omegas 3&6 and is gluten free.



Sustainable, cellulose-based polymers provide an eco-friendly alternative to petrochemical-based plastics.


Planes, trains and automobiles; are lighter, stronger, and faster, and carbon is reduced and captured. The applications are endless.


Hemp extracts  (CBD) are found in a wide range of products such as CBD Oils, CBD Capsules and CBD Creams. CBD can be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, depression, and anxiety.


The high tensile strength of its individual fibres make hemp the strongest natural fibre apart from spiders’ silk.


Paper made from hemp 1 acre of hemp will produce the same amount of pulp as 4 acres of 20-year-old trees – in only 3 to 4 months!


Hemp fibre - strongest fibres found in nature,One of the strongest fibres found in nature, with a multitude of uses, which won’t impact on the environment.