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Hemp Exchange

Manufacturing Business or Farmer?

The Hemp Exchange provides a turnkey solution throughout the UK and Europe from cultivation through to product end use, providing one single point of contact and verifying buyers and sellers of hemp, in its every form.

We are looking for forward thinking farmers who want to capitalise on this new crop for 2020 and beyond.

Do you want to Farm Industrial Hemp, interested in growing, but not sure where to start?

Over the coming years Industrial Hemp will become a more required product suitable for many end uses. Unyte Hemp are at the forefront of this market.

We partner with farmers across the UK and Europe to provide a consistent supply of produce to suit the end user demand. Unyte Hemp will walk you through every step of the journey to successfully integrate industrial Hemp into your crop rotation.

We’ve created the ‘Hemp Exchange’ which provides an unparalleled package from experts who are not just talking about cultivating but actually do it, meaning more answers and less risk.  From initial seed choice and supply, agronomy advice, mobile specialist harvesting and processing machinery, transportation and of course supply chain.

As of 2019 we have already grown 240 acres of Industrial Hemp on our own land. But 2020 is what we have our eyes fixed on. We’ve all seen the growth of the market in Canada and the USA. This is happening now in the UK and Europe.

Don’t miss the boat! Register for more information.

Throughout 2019 season we’ll be updating the market on our progress.

We are already well on with Unyte Hemp’s National Farming Programme designed by farmers for farmers. By registering with Unyte Hemp you’ll get the latest updates, facts and details on the market as it’s developing. Direct contact with our farming professionals and invitations to exclusive events.

Join us for the Launch of the Unyte National Farming Programme

On a date to be confirmed in August 2019, join the Unyte team at our ‘National Growing Centre’ at Pebble Hall, Leicester. An informal event, for a few beers, food and an overview of the 2019 Hemp season, along with detailed agronomy advice, talks from our Hemp farming experts and other key partners.

  1. Do You Want To Farm With Us?

    Do You Want To Farm With Us?

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Are You a Hemp Buyer?

Hemp Textiles

Do you require hemp fibre for hemp pulp or paper, insulation, bio-composites or technical textiles? Perhaps you are looking for high quality, clean shiv for construction, bio-polymers, mycological substrates or animal bedding?

We can also provide high quality seed for growers and high oil content seed for end use. Flower and leaf tea can be procured from our European partners.

The Hemp Exchange is the leading Hemp supplier and has access to thousands of acres of land throughout the UK and Europe through a combination of our own grow facilities and our network of farmers.

We provide a turnkey processing solution to turn hemp into its end use, no matter what end use or tonnage required.

Quality Product and Service

Quality of Product and Service is Essential to a True Relationship.

Unyte Hemp have designed a unique business model with the Hemp Exchange by placing ourselves in a central position so that we can support at every level within this emerging market. We are perfectly positioned to create symbiotic relationships with all facets of the market.

We are aiming to assist the entire hemp market, so that all links in the chain establish together. You can be a link in that chain, no matter what stage you join us.

From verifying farms and ensuring quality-tested crops, with only the best product entering the system. To providing pure product or end-use specific manufacture, we can design a solution that suits your business.