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  1. Welcome to the Genius program
    Welcome to the Genius program
  2. Let’s work together and make a difference
    Let’s work together and make a difference
  3. Hemp has so many end uses
    Hemp has so many end uses
  4. We can help integrate Hemp into your business
    We can help integrate Hemp into your business
  5. We provide Quality raw materials
    We provide Quality raw materials

Get Involved

Joining The Revolution

Unyte Invest ‘Genius’ programme is a unique idea, strategically created to help Inventors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers or Investors alike right across the Hemp and Cannabis market.

Unyte Invest is the investment arm of the Unyte Group that can literally fund anything. Be this a business purchase, equipment, machinery, property, land, R&D, an idea or even a ‘start-up’ business.

As the Industrial Hemp markets develop, many UK businesses are creating distributorships or wholesale partnerships for European, Canadian or US based products.

Companies are also developing specialised machinery for harvesting, processing, extracting and manufacturing a wide array of hemp derived products.

As the markets here unfold, businesses are circling the UK market looking for an entry point. Is this you?

Do you want to break into the UK and European Market? If so let’s talk and Unyte!

The ‘Genius’ programme is our way of connecting the dots.

Are you an Inventor?

Are you an Inventor of anything Hemp related?

The Hemp market is moving at a lightning pace worldwide and as it does, those of you that have been beavering away for years, researching, developing and tinkering are now starting to see that there may finally be marketing opportunities for your creations. At the same time, businesses are starting to see the potential for new income streams.

Having an idea is one thing, protecting it and taking it to market is entirely another. As with many things Hemp related, there may not even be a market just yet.

The Unyte Invest ‘Genius’ programme supports you with progressing your ideas.

We are connected to many people from around the globe; with our intervention, we are confident that we can make your concepts a reality.

We build partnerships and help you to:

  • Develop a prototype
  • Create a sound business plan
  • Access funding streams
  • Protect your ideas
  • Develop manufacturing
  • Take it to market

Are you a Manufacturer?

Hemp Textiles

Are you a Manufacturer of a Hemp based product?

Do you require hemp fibre for hemp pulp or paper, insulation, bio-composites or technical textiles? Perhaps you are looking for high quality, clean shiv for construction, bio-polymers, mycological substrates or animal bedding?

We can provide you with high quality raw materials, suitable for a range of end uses within the food, drink and supplement, cosmetics, construction, manufacturing, polymer, textiles and paper industries

Unyte Hemp is growing the UK Hemp supply chain, literally!

Whilst we are involved in growing hundreds of acres of Industrial Hemp ourselves, we are also recruiting the farming community to become the number one producer in the UK, continually ensuring there’s enough Hemp to match the end use requirement no matter what tonnage is required.

Distributor or Wholesaler?

You may have been one of the first to market in the CBD or vape industry or you may be wanting to enter this market.

Either building something new or protecting your business as the UK Hemp markets develop? If Brexit happens and borders close, Unyte will be able to help by providing home grown Hemp processed into your required form.

Van, Truck & Bus Finance

Are you an Investor?

Hedge Funds Investors

Are you an Investor looking to break into the UK market?

The UK offers an abundance of opportunity, Unyte are central to matching all parties to symbiotically provide a solution to meet all parties’ objectives, no matter what your aspirations are.