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  1. Revolutionizing The UK Hemp Market
    Revolutionizing The UK Hemp Market

Who Are Unyte Hemp?

Unyte Hemp is part of the Unyte Capital Group of companies. Specialising and working at every level throughout the Industrial Hemp market in the UK.

For a considerable time, the group has been preparing and positioning itself within key areas of the industry in order to take advantage of the ever-evolving Industrial Hemp market. The Unyte Group consists of a collection of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry; including key industry leaders, agronomists, engineers, designers and researchers, Doctors and pharmacists.

Supported by a strong management team, we have an ambitious business plan which has the funding to realise its potential.

Unyte Hemp specialise in enabling the entire UK Industrial Hemp supply chain and are positioned to become the number one ‘go to’ business for everything Hemp!

Unyte Hemp - Our First Season

Want to get involved?

Are you an Inventor, Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler or Investor? We are constantly looking to develop our position and willing to take time out and discuss how we may work together.

  1. Are You A Farmer?

    Are You A Farmer?

  2. Are You An Inventor?

    Are You An Inventor?

  3. Are You A Manufacturer?

    Are You A Manufacturer?

  4. Are You A Distributor?

    Are You A Distributor?

  5. Are You A Wholesaler?

    Are You A Wholesaler?

  6. Are You An Investor?

    Are You An Investor?

In The Making - A Hemp Revolution

The UK has a rich history of hemp growing, being primarily used for the Navy (ropes and sails) but also for food, clothing, animal bedding and medicine.

Hemp is a versatile, fast growing plant which can be grown organically whilst restoring the soil. This plant has the potential to solve many of our generation’s problems and revolutionise farming and industry to support our economic development.

Hemp growing in the UK (since 1993) has been a slow burner and this has been due to a lack of knowledge on agronomy, access to processing equipment, apathy in research and development and development of infrastructure for end uses.

Unyte Hemp is creating cohesion between farmers, manufacturers, businesses and Government to position all aspects of the value chain to ensure that exponential growth in these markets is accessible.

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