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Who are Unyte Hemp?


Introduction to Unyte Hemp 

Founded in 2018, Unyte Hemp is part of the Unyte Group companies. Specialising and working at every level throughout the Industrial Hemp market in the UK.

During the past several years, the Unyte group began preparing and positioning itself in key areas of the Industrial Hemp industry in order to take advantage of the ever-evolving market for Industrial Hemp.

Experts in the Hemp Industry

Our group of specialists within the Unyte Group consists of individuals with a wide range of knowledge and expertise across a wide range of sectors, including key industry leaders, agronomists, engineers, designers, and researchers. Doctors and pharmacists also form part of the Unyte Group.

Having a strong management team and the funding to help it achieve its potential, we have an ambitious business plan that is supported by a successful team.

We at Unyte Hemp specialize in enabling the whole UK Industrial Hemp supply chain and aim to become the number one ‘go to’ business for everything concerned with hemp in the UK and beyond!

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